How to Relieve Gout Pain in Foot ?

How to Relieve Gout Pain in Foot ?


Are you suffering from severe pain and swelling of your foot?


Does the pain last for a few days?


Does it get worse at night?

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Don’t worry. It is an attack of gout. Men during their middle age and above can get gout due to various reasons. Sometimes, women also will be affected by gout after menopause. There are effective methods of natural treatment to relieve gout pain in foot and you will get complete relief from the pain.


The causes for gout are obesity and over weight due to over eating, consumption of too much animal protein, alcoholic drinks, sedentary life style with lack of physical exercises and other ailments such as urinary and kidney problems and also high blood pressure. Accumulation of excess uric acid in the body causes gout. Crystals of uric acid get deposited in the joints of knees, feet, hands, wrists and elbow causing swelling and pain.


The common symptoms of a gout attack are sudden pain and inflammation around the joints which will last for few days, the affected area becomes reddish and tender and a feeling of pressure over the affected area.



Gout can be prevented by keeping body weight under control, avoiding smoking and alcoholic drinks, doing exercises with the joints regularly, keeping the teeth, digestive system, liver and kidney clean, taking a balanced diet containing more of fresh fruits and vegetables and less poultry, fish and animal protein. When there are initial symptoms, consult a doctor and get it confirmed and take preventive medication.


Physical exercises and a restricted diet can take you a long way in curing gout. You must do exercises with the joints daily 2 – 3 times for 15 minutes continuously. The muscles at the joints must be put into movement. Daily take one apple and 3 bananas. Your diet must contain strawberries, carrot, beat roots, beans, cucumber, citrus fruits, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables. Daily drink 2 – 3 litres of water which will prevent gout attack and also remove the uric acid from the body. Drinking cherry juice and mixed vegetable juice of carrot, beat root and French beans also will give relief from gout. Also, include Indian Gooseberry in your diet.


Natural treatment methods are found very effective to relieve gout pain in foot. They are methods of home remedy and are very easy to follow. There will be no side effects also since it is purely natural way of treatment.


Take one tea spoon of pepper in one cup of vinegar and pour the mixture into a cup of water and then boil. Dab the hot mixture over the affected area and leave it for 2 – 3 hours.


Taking Safflower regularly in the form of capsules is found very effective in curing gout.


Mince garlic cloves in cherry juice and take the mixture daily in the morning. It will give immediate relief from gout.


Drink half cup of French beans juice daily twice for a month.


Natural methods of cure to relieve gout pain in foot will give quick relief from the pain and swelling and also they will effectively prevent further gout attack.

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